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The Pink Rose Dice is a versatile dice set made from Resin Epoxy. This set contains copper gold leaf, dried flowers and glitter for the final result. This set is missing a d4.

I made the stones 100% myself and may contain small imperfections. This means that there may be small bubbles, uneven surfaces, surfaces sanded too far, slightly visible mold edges, micro sanding lines or small indentations. I do my best to finish everything as neatly and well as possible, but that is not always possible. It is therefore not possible to return on the basis of the above criteria. The difference between the normal sets and 'The Ugly Ducks' has to do with the fact that the irregularities are clearly present. This makes them cheaper.

The Pink Rose Dice set (without D4 + D6))

SKU: 0068
Eind maart

Figures: Copper

Edges: Sharp

Imperfections: Missing a D4 and D6

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