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How can I return?

Returns are possible within 14 days, preferably as soon as possible, after receipt of the product. This can be done via the enclosed form. Is the form not included or have you lost it? Click here for the form. You must return the product together with the return form. Any shipping costs are then for your account. As soon as the product has been received by me, you will receive your money back into your account within 14 days via the payment system with which you made the purchase.


After 14 days, you must provide a reason and demonstrate why the product must be returned. This can be done via with reason, photo and enclosed return form. After that, the seller decides whether you will get the money back. If you do not agree with this, please email us at


Refunds are refunded through the same payment system with which you paid for the products. You will receive the full purchase amount back into your account. Have you ordered multiple products? Then you will only receive your money back for the returned product. As soon as the product has been received by me, you will receive your money back within 14 working days. The return form must be completed honestly. The day of return of the product is the reference date. Based on this, it is determined whether the shipment falls within the period of 14 days. The seller can request proof for you returned product.

International Shipping

Below you can see the areas where the products can be shipped with the shipping costs.


Prices shipping area:

Europe: 6.00 - 9.30 Euro

United Kingdom: 6.00 - 12.00 Euro + customs clearance costs* 

USA and Canada: 11.00 - 23,00 Euro

Russia: 11,00 - 25,55 Euro

Australia: 11,00 - 25,55 Euro

* You only pay your customs clearance costs when the package arrives in the UK. This does not always have to be necessary.

My question is not listed here...

Do you have any other question? Then you can mail to or go to the contact form and send me a message with your question. I will answer this as soon as possible.

Are the dice fair?

Machine-made dice aren't always fair either. I make sure that the material within the stones is distributed fairly, so that they fall on the same number as little as possible. If I doubt whether they are unfair due to heavier material, I test them and put the result is in the product description.

Get discount if you already have some custom dice made by me. See the commissions page for more information

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