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The galaxy dice set is a 5-piece dice set with dots indicating the number. The set is made of Resin Epoxy and it contains 5 different color pigments and 3 different types of glitter for the end result.

I made the stones 100% myself and may contain small imperfections. This means that there may be bubbles, uneven surfaces, over-sanded areas or small indentations. I do my best to finish everything as neatly and properly as possible, but that does not always work. It is therefore not possible to return based on the above criteria. The difference between the normal sets and 'The Ugly Ducks' has to do with the imperfections that are clearly present. As a result, they are offered cheaper.

The Galaxy pip dice set

SKU: 0028
Wordt verwacht in februari binnen te zijn.

Edges: Sharp

Figures: dots

Color: Gold

Unevenness: Small master error, so there is a small dot at the 1.

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