Always wanted your own custom dice? This is possible!!

Below are all the options. If you would like something that is not listed, you can always send a message. Then I will see if we can still achieve that. As soon as you are interested in one of the options, send a message via the contact form. You will then be placed on a waiting list. As soon as it is your turn I will contact you and we will look at your idea together. The price depends on the quantity, material and difficulty of your design. This will be discussed with you in advance. I will take you through my entire process and will not continue until I have your approval. This is how we come to your design together!

Custom D20

Don't need a whole set?

Here you can also have your own D20 made.



starting price: 20, - Euro

Full Polydice set

Have your 7-piece polydice set made here!

 Options to add more dice is possible



starting price: 80, - Euro

Custom D6 set

Would you like the D6 set or

the "Normal" 6-sided die? Here you can also have your own set made.

The two options are pip or numbers


starting price: 45, - Euro


State which option you are interested in and what your idea or inspiration is for the dice.

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*Due to Covid-19 it is possible that your order will be delivered later than indicated.